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  • Land Development Support

    Experienced Land Development and Permitting Professionals

    WET delivers timely and competitively priced site development and permitting services to get your commercial project or residential subdivision off the ground sooner. Our land development and permitting team will see you through all the various stages of your development project, from prospective land acquisition, to Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessment, to Site Design and Civil Engineering, and Construction Management.


    Our land development services include:


    · Siting and Land Use Studies;
    · Asbestos Inspection and Demolition Planning;
    · Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessment;
    · Commercial Site Layout and Civil Engineering Design;
    · Subdivision Design and Permitting;
    · Septic/Wastewater System Design and Permitting;
    · Public Water System Design and Permitting;
    · Site Grading and Stormwater Engineering Design;
    · Parking Layout and ADA Compliance;
    · MDT Approach and Encroachment Permitting; and
    · Construction Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP).


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