WET provides Information Technology (IT) to a number of commercial businesses and government entities

WET’s IT services include but are not limited to the following:

IT Management

Design, maintenance and support for all or part of the daily management responsibilities for your network environment.

IT Consulting

Utilize our expertise and knowledge of advanced technology and industry best practices for your specific environment and business.

IT Maintenance and Support

Maintenance for hardware (PCs, switches, servers, routers, and backups), software, and operating systems by Microsoft, Linux, and Mac.

System Engineering

Design of LANs, WANs, WI/FI, and hardwired networks. Design of file storage and sharing, backups both on-site and off-site, domains or workgroups, and ISPs.

Network Cabling and Hardware Installation

Network cable layout design, routing and terminating. We troubleshoot existing connections and verify connections from A to B and install cabinets to house switches or computers and servers as well as other network devices.

Web Design and Support

Design and maintenance of custom websites using WordPress to meet your needs. We can help with hosting and securing domains as well.

Database Management and Support

Design and implementation of SQL, Access (or other database systems for input), querying and reporting as well as web-based entry methods.

VoIP Design, Installation, and Support

Design assistance in a Voice over IP (VoIP) phone systems and installation.


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