WET has the most significant hydrogeologic expertise in the region

WET has in-depth project experience characterizing site geology and hydrogeology influencing the movement of groundwater and chemical constituents. Accurate site characterization is vital to fully define the magnitude and extent of contamination and both groundwater flow and contaminant transport mechanisms and pathways for simple or complex geologic settings. WET’s hydrogeologists perform hydrogeologic assessments, oversee the installation of monitoring and test wells, sample soil and groundwater, conduct aquifer tests, and complete computer modeling.

Analysis and understanding of data collected at project sites allows for the proper application of remedial technologies—specific groundwater remediation project experience includes:

  • In-Situ treatments
  • Pump and treat
  • Interceptor trenches
  • Hydraulic containment barriers
  • Monitored natural attenuation

Ultimately, our expertise and knowledge allow us to accurately determine and design alternatives based on the hydrogeologic setting and the client’s needs to either control or remove risks.

Our project and client base includes work for private and commercial industries, municipal and county government, and regulatory agencies.