Enviro Probe services provides economical subsurface investigation services that assist in identifying and solving complex environmental issues

The Enviro Probe team has over 20 years of experience employing the Geoprobe system technology to collect continuous or discrete soil and groundwater samples through various methods and tooling options.

WET’s data collection tools and probe capabilities include the following:

  • Simultaneous Capturing of Soil EC, HPT, PAH Fluorescence, Visible and UB Imagery
  • OIHPT NAPL Tool-Direct Push
  • Soil Vapor Implants and Screen Point Groundwater Sampler
  • In-situ Chemical Oxidation/Reduction
  • In-situ Sorption and Biodegradation
  • Enhanced Anaerobic and Aerobic Bioremediation
  • Metals Immobilization
  • Bioaugmentation

WET’s in-situ investigation tools measure soil characteristics such as electrical conductivity, estimated permeability, hydrocarbon fluorescence under UV light, and more to provide a robust understanding of site conditions.

Our objective is to enable detailed and timely site characterization in a single mobilization. In addition to high quality data collection, WET delivers expert advice and interpretation of the information to our clients.

Using Geoprobe Direct Image® technologies, Enviro Probe can rapidly characterize your site by vertically logging and imaging the subsurface with the Optical Image Profiler and Hydraulic Profiling Tool (OIHPT).

These results can be processed into high resolution, professional 3D models and consolidated reports to provide accurate site conceptual models assisting with remedial decisions.

These approaches are flexible and cost-effective for meeting any project’s requirements.

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