WET Now Offers Air Quality Services!

Last month, Water & Environmental Technologies (WET) welcomed Stephen Coe to the Permitting and Engineering teams. Stephen joined the WET team as a Senior Engineer who will be providing project management and technical expertise, while primarily focusing on developing air quality services within WET. Stephen has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering and 26 years of industry experience.

When constructing a new industrial facility, expanding production, or modifying operations, owners/operators and facilities may be subject to air quality permitting requirements. Sources must be designed, constructed, and operated to comply with all applicable air quality regulations. Air quality requirements exist within a range of regulatory programs, including state/local, and federal programs such as New Source Review (NSR) and Title V operating permit programs. Technical requirements such as emissions quantification, control technology evaluations, air quality analysis (including dispersion modeling), ambient air and meteorological monitoring, emission standards applicability, and compliance assurance are all components of these regulations.

WET can assist with all phases of the air permitting process, assuring accurate, timely permit applications that are focused on maximum operational flexibility. Expert negotiations with regulatory agencies simplify the permitting process.

To learn more about all of our air quality services and to request a quote, visit our Air Quality Services Page and download the flyer.