Butte, Montana

WET was hired by BSB Parks and Recreation to provide design and construction management services for the Stodden Park Central Improvement Plan in Butte, Montana. The project included new stormwater infrastructure system, stormwater detention ponds, hardscape/commons area, rehabilitation of existing tennis courts, the addition of an ice-skating ribbon, the installation of a new entrance arch, concrete sidewalk, concrete curb, water main extension, parking lot lighting, rehabilitation of all existing asphalt, parking lot expansion, landscaping throughout park, an additional park entrance, and a state-of-the-art destination playground. WET performed all compaction testing on this project and completed a traffic study to allow MDT to issue an encroachment permit to allow for a new access point into the park. A geotechnical investigation was performed by sub-contractors on this project and WET performed all other material testing on this project.