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  • Environmental Due Diligence

    WET offers environmental due diligence, such as property Risk Assessment, Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (Phase I ESA) and Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (Phase II ESA).

    Property Risk Assessment
    Prior to a Phase I ESA, WET can conduct a preliminary historical property record search to help you assess property risk.


    Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
    Phase I ESAs are an integral part of the due diligence and decision-making process for property lending and purchase decisions. WET provides clients with an invaluable

    tool for property transactions. Whether it is commercial, industrial, residential, or rural property, proper identification and analysis of environmental hazards can prevent costly cleanup bills and excessive financial exposure for buyers, sellers, and lenders. WET has performed Phase I, II, and III ESAs on properties from small commercial buildings to large ranch properties.


    It is critical that the buyers, sellers, and lenders know if the soil or groundwater beneath the property could threaten the environment and human health. If issues are found during the ESA, the appropriate responsible party could be held liable, and the value of the property
    may be affected.


    Each Phase I assessment consists of a comprehensive background and records search to identify past property uses and possible hazardous waste operations. A professional investigation of the property is then performed, focusing on identifying current or past practices that may present a recognized environmental concern, such as chemical use, fuel tanks, waste management, illegal dumping, etc. A final report is then prepared to summarize the assessment results and recommend future action at the site, if necessary. All assessments are completed in accordance with ASTM E1527-13/E2247-16 Standards.


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    Phase II Environmental Site Assessment
    Depending on knowledge of a property, or the Phase I ESA findings, sampling may be recommended under a Phase II ESA investigation, protecting potential buyers from significant environmental liability. WET has experience providing Phase II ESAs, where we assess possible contamination and provide a report of recommendations to remediate any identified contamination sources.


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