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  • Aerial Surveying and 3D Mapping


    WET has expanded its capabilities to include Aerial Survey and 3D mapping.
    With WET’s newest Aerial Survey addition – the eBee RTK UAV, we are able to capture aerial photography to produce highly accurate aerial photos & 3D models. Our UAV’s have numerous applications for surveying, GIS mapping, agriculture, mining, and environmental protection. Using professional photogrammetry software, the eBee creates 3D models down to 3/5 cm (horizontal/vertical) accuracy. It also can be equipped with near infrared, red edge, multispec, and thermal capabilities. What does this mean for you? You get much more accurate aerial surveying data, saving you time & money.



    Point Cloud Accuracy
    The point cloud is the first and most precise post-processing output. Each point is defined by three coordinates (X,Y,Z), defined after bundle block adjustment, and Post flight Terra 3D is able to apply textures from the pictures to generate an appealing render.
    Point cloud accuracy is calculated using Post flight Terra 3D and its rayCloud Editor, which allows direct visualisation of 2D and 3D errors thanks to its combination of 2D images and the 3D point cloud.


    Orthomosaic and DSM quality
    An accuracy assessment of the orthomosaic and the DSM is conducted using the same reference points. The quality of both the orthomosaic and the DSM was checked by using ESRI ArcMap 10.1 software to compare the horizontal distances and the vertical offsets between the verification points, computed by Post flight Terra 3D, with the original position of the these points in the field.


    Do you have a land surveying project that could benefit from the accuracy of our Aerial Surveying technology?
    Download the Accuracy Assessment below, give us a call today at 1.406.782.5220, or feel free to fill out our contact form and a WET surveying professional will get back to you shortly to review your surveying project requirements.




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